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Industrial Sensors

Pressure Sensor Limited / Pressure-Sensor.com is now manufacturing an industrial / commercial line of standard and custom designed pressure sensors and transducers.

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PSC110        English
PSC120        English
PSC121        English
PSC122        English
PSC123        English
PSC212        English
PSC213        English
PSC215        English
PSC216        English
PSC217        English
PSC312        English
PSC313        English
PSC315        English
PSC422        English
PSC423        English
PSC512        English
PSC513        English
PSC515        English
PSC616        English
PSC620        English
PSC621        English
PSC623        English
PSC627        English
PSC628        English
PSC629        English
PSC630        English
PSC631        English
PSC632        English
PSC633        English
PSC812        English
PSC813        English
PSC815        English
PSC816        English
PSC903         English
PSC701        English
PSC5818 (Wireless Bluetooth Universal Sensor Meter)        English
PCS-LC500G-R10        English
PSC-LC50-R        English
PSC640        English
PSC641        English
PSC1001-50g        English
PSC1002-5-3        English
PSC1003-5-LF        English
PSC1004-10-LF        English